Interview with fans - Netherlands & Italy

Nowadays we are discussing many things about Eurovision 2023. 

We only know one thing that Eurovision 2023 will be held in the United Kingdom. Also 7 potential host city was announced. 

For this interview, I would like to thank to Gabriella Mattiazzo-van Velde. She is originally from Italy, but has been living in The Netherlands over 30 years. We talked about many things about Eurovision 2023 and Italian and Dutch entries via Facebook.

Here is the details…

What does Eurovision mean for you? Can you describe with 3 words ?

Diversity, entertainment, togetherness.

Which country is your favorite in esc?

I haven't got one country that's a firm favourite, however Italy has done relatively well every year since they have returned. I also like countries that take a risk with something out of the box as France did this year (2022). Finally, as my preferred genre is rock, Finland comes up with some great rock entries.

Which are your favorite songs ever in Eurovision history?

France 2022, Italy 2021, Finland 2021, Italy 2015, Finland 2006, Norway 2019, France 2016, Serbia 2015, Turkey 2010, Greece 2010, Norway 2005

Which Italian songs do you like in eurovision history?

2021, 2015, 2017, 2018, 1958, 1964

Which songs entry do you like in eurovision history from Netherlands

2019, 2014, 2013, 1975, 1974

I would like to ask one more questions. There are many artists or singers from Italy and The Netherlands. Which artists have potential to represent Italy and The Netherlands for 2023?

For Italy: I would like Irama, Sangiovanni or LRDL

For The Netherlands: I would like either Davina Michelle, Maan, Racoon or Suzanne & Freek

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