Interview with fans - Poland

Nowadays we are discussing many things about Eurovision 2023. 

We only know one thing that Eurovision 2023 will be held in the United Kingdom. Also Liverpool is host city for 2023. 

For this interview, I would like to thank to Rose from Poland. We talked about many things about Polish entries and Eurovision2023 via Facebook.

Here is the details…

What does Eurovision mean for you? Can you describe with 3 words ?

It's pretty difficult to just use three words, since it's one of the things that were in my life since I remember : )  Maybe "fun annual event"? 

Which country or songs your favorite in esc?

It is a long, long list but I'll try to be brief : ) My top 1 favourite is definitely Wild Dances by Ruslana (Ukraine 2004), it's very fun and energetic song but also one of my strong childhood memories related to Eurovision. Another one is Hunter of Stars by Sebalter (Switzerland 2014), probably because of my teenage love as my girlfriend back then was obsessed with this entry. I am until now really impressed how efortlessly he performs the whistle part, and that violin solo! Something amazing! My favourite NQ is Help you Fly by Iván (Belarus 2016) I love the vocals in this one a lot, and the performance intro with the wolf looked also really great. Now when it comes to the last year, I think I was really hyped for half of the entries but if I have to pick two favourites I'd settle for the beautiful, sad song De Diepte by S10 (Netherlands 2022) which is bringing me to tears every time. I even cried with her when her voice broke down on the stage, it's just so beautiful she takes the message of her song across the language barriers without a problem! And my biggest disappointment was a low score of Fulenn (France 2022) it was an awesome song that deserved way better placement, but I am still happy I've decided to vote for them at least! 

Which Polish song or songs do you like in Eurovision history?

100% for Color of Your Life by Michał Szpak. So glad he's got to perform for Poland in Eurovision, he considered as a bit of a controversial artist in Poland, but personally I think he is an awesome artist and I love his expression. 

 I would like to ask one more questions. There are many artists or singers from Poland. Which artists (male, female or band) have potential to represent Poland for 2023?

I am not sure as I don't follow the Polish stage that much nowadays. There is a chance they will surprise us a lot as for the nationals a lot of more and less known artists apply, and all of them are insanely talented! I've heard a lot of suggestions that Sanah should write a song for 2023 though, so who knows? ; )

Thank you for having me for an interview, it was fun!


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