Interview with fans - Spain

Nowadays we are discussing many things about Eurovision 2023. 

We only know one thing that Eurovision 2023 will be held in the United Kingdom. 

Soon we will learn which city will be host. 

For this interview, I would like to thank to Sergio (se.crespo is instagram name) from Spain. We talked about many things about Spanish entries and Eurovision2023 via Instagram.

Here is the details…

What does Eurovision mean for you? Can you describe with 3 words ?

ESC for me is the biggest musician contest in which you can meet different cultures through music. 

Which country is your favorite in esc?

I would like to say Spain, but it is not the case, in the latest years (except 2022) my favorite countries are Italy or Sweden. The usually have good proposals.

Which are your favorite songs ever in Eurovision history?

My favorite song is Euphoria (Loreen), this song was a change in the contest that we met until then. But other songs that I love are Heroes, Hold me Closer, Arcade, Bailar Pegados, Eres tú, Fuego, Brividi, Soldi… I can make a long list hehehehe

Which Spanish entries do you like in eurovision history?

My top 3, Dancing in the rain (Ruth Lorenzo), Slo mo (Chanel ❤️) and Quédate conmigo (Pastora Soler)

I would like to ask one more questions. There are many artists or singers from Spain. Which artists have potential to represent Spain for 2023?

That’s a difficult question, I love a lot of Spanish artists, but I doubt about how they could fix in ESC, a good example could be Belen Aguilera, Aitana or Ana Mena, maybe the last one is the best of them that can fix in the festival.

Chanel and Slo Mo is so popular nowadays. Has she go again Eurovision?

I think that she shouldn’t go again, she made an amazing performance, and she and her team has to keep it in mind always for the rest of their lifes. She left Spain in a very good place.