9 Artist of MESC 2024 Announced

National Selection of Malta just began...

In selection it will be 36 songs...

First 9 artist performed their first performance in the show XOW. Most of songs has English lyrics and only 1 song has Maltese lyric.

Sarah Bonnici

I listened first 9 artists's songs and I did not feel Eurovision vibes. Here is my top 3 songs over first 9 songs.

1- Sarah Bonnici - Loop

2- Dominic Cini - Bewsa

3- Eliana Gomez Blanco - There's Only Flowers

Rest of them will be perform their songs next 3 fridays.

Then 12 songs will compete for the final.

In my opinion, song has an English lyrics has more potential to win MESC 2024 but we will never know who will get highest points from televotes and juries.