9 More Artist of MESC 2024 Announced

Eurovision vibes ON....

I am getting more excited about MESC 2024. Because 9 more artists were announced...

I listened all 9 artists that performed in national selection. Firstly I would like to say congratulations for all 9 artists.

I like this 9 songs more when I compare with first one. In ost of song I said that "This is song for Eurovision". 

Here is my top 9 for second show...

1- Denise Mercieca - Mara

2- Haley Azzopardi - Tell Me That It’s Over

3- Janvil - Man

4- Franklin Calleja - Puppet

5- Maria Christina - Moving On

6- Sopranique - Empire

7- Desirei Grech - Watch Me

8- Marie Claire - Fading

9- Mark Portelli - Just Be

Keep in touch for more songs.

Enjoy with all songs from Malta...